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HID Conversion Kit Installation Instructions
  1. Make sure to disconnect your battery.
  2. Remove your original halogen light bulbs and gently put them aside.
  3. Put the HID Xenon Conversion Bulb(s) in the housings where the original bulb(s) was.
    - Make sure not to touch the HID bulb with your fingers, or hit it against anything.
    - If bulbs are stained, use an alcohol pad to remove stains (no liquids).
    - For cars with dust caps, make sure to modify the cap for the lights or use something equivalent to protect the bulbs.
  4. Connect the wiring to the proper connections.
  5. Connect the wiring to the HID bulbs.
  6. Find a mounting point for the ballasts; use double sided tape if needed.
    - To avoid damage, do not put the ballasts near any hoses or other car parts.
    - Do not drill holes in or otherwise modify the ballasts.
  7. Make sure to secure all wiring with the zip ties.
    - Do not place wiring near car parts that can damage it.
  8. Reconnect your battery and check the wiring
  9. Start your car and turn the lights on. Please allow your lights to stay on for five to fifteen minutes.

Note: There is a 50 hour "break in" period for the lights. All of our kits will light up the color promised after 50 hours of usage, since all the gases within the bulb need to mix properly.

Some cars require more work than others to install the lights. The 50 Hour break in period allows your light to reach its maximum shine. Read your car's manual and the HID Xenon Conversion Kit's manual for more information regarding installation.

It is also recommended to upgrade your fuses to 20AMP after installation. In some vehicles it may be necessary to connect the connectors opposite of the way they are conventionally connected, ie positive to negative and negative to positive.


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